The Power of Collaboration: Clarity on Expectations and Diversity in Sales with Hannah Ajikawo

Jeff interviews Hannah Ajikawo, CEO and founder of Revenue Funnel, European Lead for Sistas in Sales, and sales expert with over 15 years of experience in sales roles. They discuss how important it is for sales and marketing teams to collaborate for maximum efficiency and success.

Hannah highlights the need for sales leaders to have clarity on expectations such as KPIs and quotas. She also shares her idea of having a business value team that could increase chances of closing deals by 50%. Their conversation also steers towards diversity in sales teams with Hannah emphasizing the need for companies to look for different capabilities when recruiting people into their organization. It should be understood that there is no one size fits all approach and success can come from various paths.

Tune in to an episode filled with practical strategies, real-world examples, and a call for diversity and inclusion in the sales industry. Gain valuable insights that can be applied to improve sales and marketing alignment and drive revenue growth.

Episode Highlights

11:48You are going to have some salespeople that are not good. However, you define that, that’s just they’re not that right. But the other half is going to be very simply because you have created a strategy, which is something that I call a sales to market strategy.

15:54What we do is we allow stuff to go wrong when we don’t see the performance and say, “Well, what have you been doing?” The way that I saw and define my success was by doing these things, so I either have the freedom to do it as a lone wolf and let me go do these things that are going to get those KPIs and those results, or accept clear expectations on the reverse, which is these are the things that I expect from you.

22:54 We just got to recognize those patterns. We have to recognize the expectations, we have to recognize those really slow pieces around how we’re focusing and understand the role that we play in actually making sure that people are doing the things that we need them to do. So, don’t keep complaining that they’re spending 60% of their time not selling, if you haven’t given them something to sell, if you haven’t given them a strategy that’s executable.

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