Bridging The Gap Between Sales & Marketing Teams For Greater Success with Brad Myers

Join Jeff Davis as he engages in a captivating conversation with Brad Myers, the CEO and Co-founder of RevMethods, to explore the crucial topic of sales and marketing alignment. Brad offers valuable insights to help B2B companies enhance their revenue strategies.

Brad highlights the challenge of data overload and emphasizes the need to focus on actionable insights to drive revenue optimization. He presents a game-changing approach for marketers: telling better stories internally by providing contextual information on leads, moving beyond mere scores. This innovative methodology combines lead scores with valuable data signals to gain deep insights into customer behavior, enabling marketers to empower sales teams and boost lead conversion rates.

Jeff and Brad delve into the limitations of traditional marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and advocate for a shift towards leveraging advanced technologies like data warehouses, open AI, and GPT to unify data sets and generate invaluable insights for sales teams. The discussion also highlights the significance of visible first-party data, which holds greater relevance for salespeople.

If you’re a B2B company seeking to optimize your revenue strategies and foster alignment between sales and marketing, this episode is a must-listen. Gain actionable insights and learn how to bridge the gap between these crucial teams. Discover the power of capturing and synthesizing data signals to create meaningful conversations with buyers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock your company’s revenue potential.

Episode Highlights:

10:30We’ve made a lot of investment in marketing the website and various campaigns to go gather more data, more customers and all their engagement that’s associated with it. How do we start mining this information to drive greater go-to market efficiencies? The Rev Ops is the individual that’s meant to wire these platforms together, and help deliver the analytics to make better decision-making.

16:50 I think we do a great job of telling stories externally and messaging to the market. We drop the ball when we need to start telling stories internally, and it only behooves us to figure that out. Because, again, how many marketers are struggling with “Hey, what’s the ROI? What’s my contribution to revenue?” The more white papers that we could tie back to revenue, the more efficient we’ll be and the stronger our case will be to get more funding.

37:24 I could see a future, to get futuristic, of we’re going to be engaging in more ephemeral ways with our data, that CRM and marketing are going to be these endpoint tools that are going to be feeding this brain, this data cloud, as what Salesforce is calling it. It’s from there that we get this kind of unified view of the customer from all the different sources and we’re applying AI at that level to extract revenue.

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