Prioritizing Marketing Channels and Understanding the Customer Journey with Adam Goyette

Jeff Davis and Adam Goyette, founder of Curdis.Co and partner at HyperGrowth Partners, discuss strategies for successful B2B marketing in the latest episode of the Rev Engine Podcast.

Adam stresses the importance of prioritizing marketing channels where your audience finds value, rather than relying on competitors for guidance. He suggests using results-oriented metrics, such as customer numbers and ROI, over vanity metrics like leads. They emphasize the need for sales and marketing teams to have a good relationship, with salespeople involved in marketing brainstorms to create ambassadors. To stand out among competitors, companies must deliver cohesive conversations across all platforms while providing value instead of pushing products.

Tune in to hear why you should be curious about the customer journey, identifying triggers that motivate buyers, and dropping walls or egos with regards to questioning one another’s roles. Learn about the concept of growth hacking, the importance of being scrappy with limited resources, and why companies must get creative and think outside the box.

Episode Highlights

12:30The morning of the demo, marketing came up with the idea. Let’s send them a Starbucks gift card, just a $5 gift card. Like, “Hey Jeff, I know we’re chatting later today. Coffee on me. Looking forward to chatting.” Just a nice touchpoint, so it’s like you’re not just blowing off the meeting. Someone just gave you something. You feel more obligated now. And they jumped their demo show rates by like 15%.

18:39 I kind of have this theory that marketers are afraid of salespeople. It’s like the cool kid table in high school or something. They’re like afraid to go over there. I think they’re afraid to get called out on stuff and a lot of times if they’re not tied into the revenue goal, it’s a conversation that feels very scary. I think a lot of times they don’t wanna present because they don’t wanna get called out by sales.

27:23 Start with five people, and you don’t need an ABM platform. You don’t need anything. If a big part of our strategy is just getting in front of these buyers and having a personalized experience, how about we just send a direct mail to five people and do handwritten notes? And then we’ll also send them these emails and we’ll do this thing, and just build a little micro version of it that you can launch without having to clear it by the sales team and getting buy-in and all this sort of stuff.

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