The Benefits of Technology-Driven Business Model Innovation with Hans Dekkers

In today’s episode, Jeff interviews Hans Dekkers, the General Manager of IBM Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, who believes that companies should move to a hybrid cloud solution in order to be prepared for the future. He cites increased complexity, data explosion, need for automation, and security issues as some of the challenges that organizations face when digitizing. Sustainability is also a key concern moving forward.

They discuss the challenges of aligning data across different departments in an organization and mention that it is important to have a clear understanding of what KPIs are needed in order to make decisions. They also recommend using specific software platforms or solutions that can help with this process, depending on the industry and problem being solved.

Tune in to find out why organizations need to continuously figure out problems and discuss them among teams, as well as the need for marketing and sales leaders to spend more time together in order to align their goals. Discover how technology can be used as a driver for business model evolution and innovation when you listen to the show.

Episode Highlights

15:18What you’re really seeing is that many of these technologies has moved to the backburner. Now, it’s about mobile, artificial intelligence, cloud. Because of the rapid digitization, and I believe, if you look at mobile as technologies, a really good example, what you want is not a B2C, business to consumer, or not a consumer to consumer relationship, you want a human to human relationship.

17:29 The root of the inefficiency in today’s organizations sits in the silo. So, if you’re solutioning for a better marketing machine, you can solution that within marketing, but you lose the point. The point is to solve the problem holistically for the organization, which is much wider than just marketing. The same is true for sales. The same is true for your product divisions.

23:31 As a leader, more and more you have to be informed across the full holistic end to end to actually govern it and to get to a better customer experience as maybe where you are today and digitization has a huge role to play in all.

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