How Sales Enablement Can Help You Accelerate Revenue with Roderick Jefferson

This episode of the podcast focuses on how sales enablement can assist leaders drive revenue growth. Roderick Jefferson, author of Sales Enablement 3.0, is the quintessential sales enablement guru. He explains in depth how sales enablement is like an orchestra and how it is responsible for bringing order to the chaos within a company by acting as a hub that communicates with every department.

Roderick sheds some light on what tools you need to provide clarity to leaders and how sales enablement can help them accelerate growth by focusing on priorities and the top ways to help. Jeff and Roderick also discuss what the most effective way to build a buyer’s journey is that is actionable and usable.

Tune in to the show to discover the cultural aspect of sales enablement that needs to be addressed and find out the difference between learning and enablement.

Episode Highlights

04:13 I used to explain it as breaking the complexity of sales into practical application through scalable, repeatable practices that ultimately lead to three things: accelerated speed to revenue, increased seller productivity, and then third, connecting the front and the back of the house together for customers for life.

13:36 I’ve got to be able to talk to each one of them and go back in their words, in their language, to show the value of what we do versus looking at enablement as either a) a call center which we are not or b) the fixers of broken things and broken people of which we’re definitely not.

27:47 It’s about building a culture based upon an attitude of gratitude. And understanding that it’s not just about, “Oh, it takes a village.” No, it takes a village of people that know and execute the role, and then acknowledging them around appreciation once it’s done.

38:22 Make sure that when they’re owning that accountability, that ownership, that execution, that you’re doing it as a team collectively, and that you do have that strong enablement leader that’s going to be that orchestra master and that translator of languages and dialects that we talked about earlier. And then finally, I want to reiterate something I said earlier, when things go well, give love to everybody that was a part of it.

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Roderick’s Book – Sales Enablement 3.0: The Blueprint to Sales Enablement