Removing Silos as a CRO with Darryl Praill

Jeff Davis is joined by Darryl Praill, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Agorapulse. Darryl is an award-winning content creator, one of the Top 10 SaaS branding experts in 2020, voted Top 3 marketer on LinkedIn, Top 50 social seller, and Top 50 sales keynote speaker.

In this episode, Darryl shares his journey from systems engineer to sales and marketing leader. They talk about what the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) position entails, the top challenges, how it involves aligning sales and marketing, and the orchestrating the end-to-end revenue journey. Darryl also discusses why you need to bring everyone together and ensure they understand the goals each of their cross-functional partners and emphasizes why you need to understand how to work together in a business context to help each other be more successful.

Listen and learn how to start a conversation with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in order to get them on board with the idea of doing something transforming the revenue engine.  In addition, you’ll discover the top three KPIs you should use to assess the health of your revenue engine.

Episodes Highlights

08:10The whole point of the CRO is really to create alignment. And I mentioned this already, but I can’t establish that enough. Alignment and shared purpose amongst the whole revenue team.

31:09 Silos is probably the biggest debilitating impact that’s stopping your company from being successful today. And I give my CEO credit because he recognized he needed help. He was already working on it. But he needed another person to help him do it.

42:42Be self-aware. There’s no ego play here. You do not need to have all the answers. No one’s expecting you to have all the answers. Build the team you need to succeed. They’re looking at you. If you lead from a position of humility and self -awareness, it is amazing the quality of people you will attract and who will be loyal, and who will go to the wall for you because they feel like you’re a great, approachable human leader. Don’t be the control freak.

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