Staying Ahead of the Curve During an Economic Downturn with Mary Shea

In this episode, Jeff Davis talks to Mary Shea, who is the VP of Global Innovation Evangelists at Outreach, which is a Sales Execution Platform that helps sales team efficiently create pipeline and close more deals. They discussed the effects of the global economic downturn on buyer behaviors. They go deep on how buyers want to buy and how buyers are buying.

Mary Shea emphasizes the need to invest in tools which have a range of functions across the entire revenue cycle and learn to distinguish the demand to add tools or salesperson to help streamline and elevate the sales pipeline.

Tune in as Mary Shea shares her expertise in raising the effectiveness and the talent level of your sales team; siting organizations in the B2B marketplaces that are already way ahead of the curve and others that you can learn from and implement in your own sales team.

Episode Highlights

05:06When you think about the numbers for the year, and I did some research that showed about 70 plus percent of B2B organizations globally have adjusted their revenue targets down for 2022, and a large number of organizations expect to have flat or lower growth the following year.

17:26I believe this global economic downturn that either we’re in or we will be in is going to massively accelerate this smaller, more agile organization. You’re seeing risks across the board.

32:49You have to educate folks. You need to help people understand the world of buying and selling is changing. You need more sophisticated tools to be able to engage and scale at the level of personalization that these buyers are expecting.

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