Welcome Episode: Align Sales and Marketing for Better Revenue Results

Jeff Davis, author of award-winning book “Create Togetherness” and founder of RevEngineTM, announces the launch of his new podcast – The RevEngine™ Podcast. This platform is designed to help B2B CEOs and revenue leaders align sales and marketing, transform their revenue engine and accelerate growth.

Jeff’s journey began with a conversation between himself (a successful junior salesperson) and the marketing director which opened his eyes to how marketing could benefit him as a salesperson – inspiring him to transition his career into marketing in order to advocate for salespeople. The aim is for deep conversations across different functions that will provide meaningful insights on transforming your organization’s revenue engine through alignment between sales and marketing.

Each episode will be organized around 6 pillars of a high-performing revenue engine: Culture, Strategy, Structure, Processes, Communication, and Technology – allowing listeners to assess where they are currently, while gaining actionable insights from industry experts on how best to move forward with transformation efforts. Please reach out via the website or email if there are any topics you would like discussed in future episodes.

Episode Highlights:

04:48I’m hoping that through having these conversations from different functional leaders in sales, marketing, sales enablement, CEOs, general managers, all across the board, all focused on how you can align sales and marketing and transforming revenue, I think that we can really come to some really meaningful insights for you, actionable insights for you, that you may otherwise not get access to if you’re not stepping outside of your functions. I think when you have a conversation about this with the CFO, with a sales leader, with a market leader, you just get different perspectives and you learn things that you never thought you would, and you get a perspective that you didn’t have before.

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