Signal-Based Marketing: Listening to Customers in the Metaverse with Gabe Larsen

In this episode of Rev Engine Podcast, Jeff Davis welcomes Gabe Larsen, who is the Head of B2B Marketing at Meta and an expert in the startup space. Jeff and Gabe have an intriguing conversation about how B2B revenue leaders can leverage the metaverse.

Gabe shares his experience and insights on how businesses can use the metaverse to enhance revenue growth, including adapting work experiences with a 3D element, using video more creatively, and exploring new platforms for customer service and advertisement. He also introduces the concept of “Signal-based Marketing,” emphasizing the importance of listening to customers’ signals to pursue them effectively. Gabe highlights the significance of customer behavior and using data from multiple sources, such as Shopify, job change alerts, and customer support rep hires.

They discuss the importance of communication within sales and marketing teams and how AI technology can optimize customer service. They suggest that a CRO overseeing both marketing and sales, along with rules of engagement, lead scoring, and opportunity scoring, can help align sales and marketing teams. Rev Ops can act as a mediator if there is disagreement between the teams.

Tune in to hear valuable insights into the metaverse and how B2B revenue leaders can leverage it to enhance revenue growth. Listen about the significance of customer behavior and effective communication.

Episode Highlights 

04:29 There’s something missing. We all feel it and it’s something over here that is, by definition, something that’s a little more 3D, something that’s a little more interactive. I think when it comes to the way in which we work as marketers, we’ve got to change. We’ve got to adapt, and I think that’s going to be one of the primary areas that I try to play around with, that we try to play around with, to make the work experience better.

06:37 What if I could watch more of an interactive video with somebody in this concept of the Metaverse where I could then interact with the product in a way that takes demos, not light years from where we are, but like I can actually touch that thing. Or can I play with it in this area? Like I can experience it in a more real way.

14:02One of the phrases I’ve been playing with is this idea of signal-based marketing. And what that basically means to me is, I think there’s some great concepts in ABM for those who actually think it means what they think it means, but targeting people, it’s a great idea.

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