Focus on Personality to Improve Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

In this episode, Jeff interviews Scott Gillum, who is the Founder and CEO of Carbon Design, a marketing agency that uses audience insight and personality to increase conversations, engagement, and revenue for clients. Scott believes that in order to differentiate a message or get people to advocate for it, one must create a personal connection with them by understanding their motivations, behaviors, and personalities.

They discuss the four distinct personality types that are found in a buying group: the influencer, champion, challenger, and steady. They also talk about how to effectively coach B2B salespeople to connect with modern buyers and emphasize the importance of understanding corporate culture, motivations, and dynamics between people in the deal when coaching salespeople. Salespeople often come across false positives who seem friendly but don’t actually do anything; these are influencers who like new ideas but are not invested enough in the process to move things forward.

Listen to understand why softer sides of selling are important and how tools are not able to capture them. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain more insights into your customer’s purchase decisions! Tune in and learn how you can be more strategic about casting a wide net for leads.

Episode Highlights

05:46In order to be able to actually differentiate yourself in the marketplace, you have to be able to create a personal connection. If you don’t know or understand a person’s personality, you won’t know their motivations, you won’t know their behaviors, and you won’t make a connection that actually moves them or gets them to advocate for you.

20:26 What’s really important about tracking influencers is it’s not engagement that’s important. It’s about sharing. For that particular audience, you want to track your sharing and trying to figure out where it’s going. So, there’s different ways you can do that, but that’s an influencer. They’re very, very good at selling ideas.

37:45So, if you’re having your weekly sales meetings, go through and dissect the accounts and the opportunities to get down into those softer factors, like what’s motivating the organization and quiz the reps. Do you understand why this person that you’re dealing with is going to advocate for us inside the organization? Let them try to figure that out. That’s important.

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