Aligning Strategies with Guided Selling and Revenue Intelligence with Julia Nimchinski and Justin Michael

In this episode, Jeff has an incredible chat with Julia Nimchinski and Justin Michael – two visionary leaders in B2B revenue innovation. Through the co-founding of HYPCCCYCL and authoring “Reinventing Virtual Events” together – these insightful pros offer so much for you to learn about re-imagining go-to market strategies. They stress the importance of building relationships with customers, making them the stars of events, and following up to build a community.

Key takeaways from this discussion include: flipping the script by having sales and marketing superstars coach others on their methodology; putting your audience first versus panelists or vendors; utilizing simulation role plays for maximum engagement during virtual events; aligning sales and marketing strategies such as guided selling and revenue intelligence to better meet customer needs.

Learn how salespeople and marketers have different languages, which can cause a dysfunctional relationship between the two. Discover how practicality is key when aligning sales and marketing teams – getting them in the same room together with coaching sessions will help create collaboration on both sides. Gain knowledge about the challenges of making human connections through automation and how technology should be used for creating conversations instead of automating them. Key into Julia and Justin’s expertise when you tune in!

Episode Highlights

17:17The idea of the book is a framework that doesn’t actually require a lot of tech stacks, and we have that in the book. But it’s more like if you’re just throwing a static Zoom webinar or podcast, how do you make it more interactive? How do you gamify it? How do you turn it into a competition? How do you use things that we utilized in GTM games to make your next event just more robust, maybe increase retention, more customer focused?

28:42 If I’m a seller, I tend to be focused on the pipeline, on the number, on the revenue, on my compensation plan, you name it. And that is driving the whole relationship more often than not, that practicality. If I have a micro-marketing lens on the customer, it will help me with the first touch with targeting, with strategic messaging, with adjusting that strategic messaging depending on the flow of the conversation and not just hammering the working script that my marketing team or my VPs of Sales just gave me.

35:23So, if you want to bring practicality to this matter, you really have to literally take your sales team, put them in the same room with marketers, and show them what they’re doing, make them write the messaging, make some meetings, make some mini GTM games where a CMO would talk directly to AEs and SDRs and just try to coach them.

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