Seek Deeper Customer Empathy to Decrease Time to Revenue with Douglas Burdett

In this episode, Jeff Davis talks to Douglas Burdett, also known as the “Oprah of Book Reviews,” the host of “The Marketing Book Podcast,” and Founding Principal of Sales Artillery. Douglas believes there are more companies who have a sales problem than a marketing problem. Most of them don’t realize that their marketing is actually going to be better if they can align it with the way they sell.

They discuss how companies that approach their customers with genuine understanding are the ones who come out on top. To truly capture an audience’s attention, it is essential to demonstrate genuine empathy by demonstrating that you understand what they want and need.

To help companies stand out from the competition and achieve success, Douglas provides insight into buyer-centric strategies to help marketers build trust with buyers, allowing them to uncover what’s driving purchase decisions on an emotional level. Listen to discover how you can tap into this knowledge!

Episode Highlights

11:42One of the things, that I guess you could say maybe the tip of the spear of this issue, is that content. Creating some kind of content for your customers, for your sales team, is very important.

18:06 The truth is that your customers don’t really care until you show you care about them and talking about your product is very self-centered. You will talk about it but don’t start with that. Start by demonstrating that you understand their problems. They’re not buying your product. They’re buying a solution to a problem.

25:42The most successful marketers are very much dialed into what the company goals are, particularly financial. They speak the language of accounting.

43:48If there’s no buy in at the top level, it’s just not going to happen. Don’t waste your time talking to me or waste your money on things that are sort of on the periphery.

45:03I don’t tell them what they need to know. I do my very best to help them discover on their own by asking a lot of questions.

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