Maximizing ROI Through Evidence-Based B2B Marketing Strategies with Joel Harrison

In this episode, Jeff talks to Joel Harrison, Editor-In-Chief at B2B Marketing and Community Leader for Propolis, the new exclusive community for B2B marketers. Joel believes we are going through a fourth wave of change in B2B marketing with two aspects: from the internal marketing point of view and the buyer point of view. Some effects COVID has had on buyers include them becoming more self-sufficient by doing more research themselves and getting more comfortable with ecommerce for larger purchases.

They discuss web 3.0 and how its implementation relates to B2B marketing, as well as the dark web, dark social, and private communities where people have candid conversations out of the sphere of organizations. Joel addresses how marketers can add value to these conversations and suggests focusing on advocacy and helping customers become advocates for their business.

In light of economic uncertainty, B2B organizations will strive to grow in the places they know and understand. As a result, B2B growth strategies will tilt heavily toward retention, cross sell, and upsell revenues. Listen to learn why marketing always has to prove and show ROI, which can be difficult depending on the tactic or strategy used. Discover how to demonstrate the impact and value of marketing in four areas: revenue evidence, brand evidence, customer evidence, and engagement evidence.

Episode Highlights

07:49That means that there’s a shift in balance between marketing and sales. It’s ongoing. It also means that marketing has got to be not only more responsible for more of their journey, but also got to raise their game in terms of the activities they’re doing.

18:31When the economic headwinds are stronger, people will then seek to maximize the relationships they’ve got and not lose any of those.

32:02 In times where businesses are transforming all the time against different metrics, it’s not a one-and-done. It’s an ongoing challenge. Personalities change and relationships change. All these dynamics lead to this challenge.

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