Cultivating Relationships for Effective Communication Across Platforms with Morgan J Ingram

Jeff Davis and Morgan J Ingram discuss optimizing BDRs for successful sales strategies. Focusing on the importance of having the right technology, realistic KPIs, and coaching to help them excel, they delve further into the benefits of performing an audit of existing tech stacks when transitioning leaders and piloting a technology solution before rolling it out to multiple users. Real-time data was also identified as a key factor in optimizing performance across all departments.

In terms of communication between sales and marketing, they emphasize that it is essential to cultivate relationships in order to have an effective conversation across platforms. They also explore the topic of B2B influencer marketing, with Morgan introducing his concept “Deep Social” which recognizes the importance of building relationships with people and being mentioned in conversations between high-level decision-makers who don’t usually invite vendors.

With three types of influencers—those with consistent presence on LinkedIn, employees of the company, and customers—it is clear why tech companies are struggling without proper execution of modern social media strategies. Don’t miss this insightful episode where you can learn more about optimizing your sales strategy!

Episode Highlights

14:27If marketing’s outcomes are lead-focused and sales is trying to close things, you just have different outcomes, which leads to that discrepancy. Expectations in communication are important. So, if you could communicate and understand what both parties need, marketing versus sales shouldn’t be a fight. It should actually be the most aligned across the board.

16:54 If you’re on the marketing team, and you’re like, “I don’t know how to talk to the sales team.” You would be the hero. Go and say, “Hey, I know you all get a lot of sales objections. I know sales is super tough. What can we do better as a marketing team to help write blog posts, articles, videos, to talk to these objections.” I guarantee people are going to be excited.

19:50 The reason no one’s responding is because they don’t have time to respond to you. And if they do respond to you, they don’t have time to meet with something that’s irrelevant. So, that’s why you have to make sure that you are relevant and you are personal in some way.

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