How to Structure a Modern B2B Marketing Organization with Tracy Eiler

In this episode, Jeff Davis interviews CMO, Author, and Co-Founder of Women in Revenue, Tracy Eiler, who has been named one of the 15 Most Influential Women in B2B Marketing. She shares her background story of how she spent 30 years in marketing leadership roles leading up to CMO roles in enterprise SaaS companies and her passion for the industry.

Jeff and Tracy examine what it takes to be a modern marketing organization, how different it was years ago, and how it ties to the demands of the extremely informed modern B2B buyer Tracy gives some suggestions on how to modify the way marketing teams are structured. They dig deep on how diversity and skill sets impact the demographic makeup of marketing teams, how millennials are quickly joining buying groups and making decisions, how senior leaders need to shift the way they communicate, why we need a testing mindset right now, which function SDRs should report to for the best results, how to shift to an omni-channel approach,  and how executives can look at marketing compensation differently.

Tune in to find out what metrics marketing leaders should prioritize to evaluate the health of the revenue engine and discover how market leaders can improve their relationship with sales.

Episodes Highlights

06:58There are silos in marketing and silos are never good. Right? Information gets trapped, the blame game happens, you’re inefficient, et cetera. So, the very first thing that I try and do when I come into a company is really assess how are things flowing today and where are the silos, so that we can break down those silos.

19:15I’m very passionate about it being part of marketing. I think that a good marketing leader can align themselves very tightly with sales and make sure that that SDR team that sits in the middle between sales and marketing is very well exposed to all of the processes.

34:29First of all, marketing should be tied to real numbers that are not MQLs. Minimally, our variable comp should be tied to pipeline, ultimately to revenue, but pipeline I like as kind of the core one.

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