Explaining How “Selling Without Selling Out” Works with Andy Paul

Andy Paul discusses sales productivity with a focus on why sales technology has been linked to underperformance. They delve into various factors that can be contributing to inadequate results, such as metrics being misdirected or unrealistic expectations from leads generated by marketing teams.

Through their discussion, they reach the conclusion that often times sales leaders undermine the importance of high-quality leads over quantity and must refocus on how to make sure buyers are getting the best possible outcomes. They also touch upon having the right attitude when attempting to sell products as well as an introduction to “Selling Without Selling Out” which is based on connection, curiosity, understanding, and generosity.

Are you looking for ways to increase sales productivity and foster better customer relationships? Tune in to learn the importance for sellers to prioritize customer relationships while leveraging resources provided by their own marketing departments in order to produce better results. Discover the importance of a human-first approach to selling, overcoming similar products in the same market, and the role of AI and machine learning in sales.

Episode Highlights

14:45My contention is that the productivity of the individual salesperson is measured by true productivity, which is not activity, but productivity that’s measured in the world as a rate of output per unit of input. I’ve historically measured sales productivity as how many dollars are revenue generating per hour of actual selling time, not time in the day, but per hour, and you could track this.

24:06When you’re selling out what you’re doing as a seller is you’re putting your own interests ahead of those of the buyer. The way we do that is by having this mindset that our job as a seller is to persuade someone to buy our product or service.

26:27 When you get to that point, you understand what’s really most important to the buyer, then you’re in a unique position, because most sellers don’t bother to get there. Suddenly, the experience you’re creating for the buyer is differentiated, and you put yourself into an advantageous position to win the business.

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