Increasing Manufacturing Sales Through Content Marketing with Greg Mischio

In this episode, Jeff talks to Greg Mischio, who is the Owner and Strategic Director of Winbound, a digital sales and marketing agency that specializes in helping manufacturers use online content to create a digital twin of their sales team. Greg has deep industry expertise in manufacturing and believes that this sector is going through a lot of transformation right now.

They discuss the challenges that manufacturers face when it comes to sales and marketing alignment. One of the biggest challenges is that there is often no marketing, and manufacturers are realizing that they need to be more strategic in their approach. To get out of a purely tactical approach to marketing, organizations need to understand that content must align with the overall sales strategy.

Listen to learn about content marketing from a sales perspective, focusing on how to create a narrative that educates customers about their problems and why the company could be of assistance. Discover the importance of aligning sales and marketing goals, as well as defining what constitutes a lead when you tune in.

Episode Highlights

18:53 We meet them halfway. It’s like I’m not just going to throw a bunch of marketing “hoo-ha” at you and get you to go along with it and jargon, because you’re going to tune out. I need to talk and speak in your language, and meet you halfway, and I think that’s what the whole alignment is about.

25:43Marketing is saying, “Hey, we’ve got all these leads,” and sales is saying, “They’re horrible leads.” You need to, out of the gates, agree on what constitutes a lead for the sales team. You need to discuss it. You need to talk about what’s the ideal customer, so the sales team and the marketing team are both aware of who they are going after, and what an actual lead looks like, and get agreement on that.

44:33We have a very simplified report that we give and it shows those KPIs, and then quarterly we analyze what content is working best for us, and then what channels are working best for us, and those are actually kind of linked together but keep it simple and keep it clean. Have clarity and like you said, tie it back to the overall strategy.

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