Sales Funnels Don’t Work Anymore! with Steve Patti

In this episode, Jeff talks to Steve Patti, a multi-industry Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and a GTM Leader. He has over 30 years of combined experience starting out in sales and then eventually transitioning to marketing. He was also featured as a guest on our first podcast “The Alignment Podcast”, which was well-received. So, he’s back to elaborate about his expertise and to see how the market has changed to help understand the revenue engine holistically.

Steve suggests that successful marketing and sales leaders focus on capturing demand as opposed to creating it. By leveraging awareness of your brand and product, buyers will become familiar with what you have to offer, making sure they don’t miss out on potential solutions offered by the company. Once attention is captivated, forming preference for a particular solution should be achievable.

Listen to learn how to stop selling and start helping people buy, how to facilitate discussions, how to extract impactful quotes and stats from ICP discussions, and how to develop authentic relationship. Uncover the secrets of helping people find what they need through productive conversations so you can provide tailored solutions that solve real buyer needs.

Episode Highlights

04:34There is a difference between educating and sharing insight, building rapport, and building trust that leads someone to conclude, “I like this brand.”

13:39Most buyers don’t trust vendors. They trust peers, more than vendors.

16:02 Effective marketing and effective sales are about conversations, not presentations.

16:32 You’ve got to be adding value to the community, not there solely for self-serving reasons to sell.

16:50One of the greatest ways that you can unlearn bad habit is join these communities where you’ve got to show up, engage, and add value or your account is closed or frozen.

37:49 They want to be heard, they want to be acknowledged, and then they want to be advised or educated. And invariably, you do that well, they’re going to remember where they got that.

39:15Marketing is a long-term activity. Sales is a short-term activity. Marketing goes out and educates the market.

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