Building a Customer Experience that Sells in the Transportation Industry with Andrew Gulovsen

In today’s episode, Jeff Davis talks to Andrew Gulovsen, who has been involved in the transportation industry for over 25 years. He is currently the leader of marketing and customer success at Hubtek, but also has significant experience in sales and business development. They discuss digital transformation in the industry and aligning sales and marketing to provide a heightened customer experience to meet the demands of the modern buyer.

Andrew tells us about his professional journey and what the pressing challenges are when it comes to driving revenue growth in the trucking logistics industry. They examine the importance of creating goals and metrics in silos and making them interdependent, as well as ways to get sales leaders to change their mindset from quantity to quality.

Tune in to hear how to get successful leaders out of their inertia when it comes to change and discover how digital acceleration has given us access to regional diversity and how it’s an opportunity to have more points of view.

Episode Highlights

13:09 If we can maintain that level of quantity of leads and qualified leads that come through, that just means that the number of sales overall will be better. So, again, looking at that, what is our conversion rate? How are we moving forward? And we sort of start at the sale and move backwards in terms of developing where, what we need to do from a marketing side to really support that.

24:23We have this work we have to do from a sales side. But there’s this work that we want to do that we need to do to build who we are as an organization. And it’s just communicating that early so it’s not something where people, CEOs or CFOs, are like, “No, we’re not going to fund that because it wasn’t part of our plan.”

28:09 Whether it’s a demo for new technology, you can tell me and you can give me all kinds of references and testimonials, but how does it truly impact my business? And so, those trials or pilots become a great way to do that. Let’s give it a shot. Let’s see what happens. Let’s put it into a real environment and see what we can learn from it.

37:38The value of diversity of location, diversity of type of people, diversity of ideas becomes that much more important to the kind of growth and strength, and health of an organization.

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