Transforming Revenue Growth with Digital-First Marketing Strategies with Callan Young

Jeff Davis engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Callan Young, the Chief Marketing Officer of On24. With a wealth of experience in the B2B tech space and successfully leading companies through transactions, Callan understands the importance of aligning sales and marketing for revenue growth. They dive into the challenges and opportunities of digital-first go-to-market strategies and the need for a holistic approach to marketing.

Callan highlights the significance of focusing on the customer lifecycle and leveraging data and thought leadership to become a trusted advisor. They explore the changing landscape brought on by COVID, opening doors to helping others and creating non-branded content. Through an annual or quarterly planning process involving all stakeholders, marketers can achieve alignment, commitment, and optimization across the team.

They discuss the need to understand salespeople’s workflow and needs to tailor effective marketing campaigns. They emphasize the importance of selling internal campaigns and gaining the commitment of the sales team. Additionally, they shed light on the value of first-party data in designing meaningful, audience-centric campaigns.

Tune in to discover how organizations can level up their digital experiences by personalizing interactions, creating interactive and energetic experiences, and turning programs into integrated campaigns. Learn from Callan Young’s expertise and get ready to transform your marketing approach and boost revenue growth by listening to this episode now!

Episode Highlights:

11:01I like to encourage that from a leadership team and to people to feel comfortable sharing it openly with their peers, because then we’re going to all learn from each other. We’re going to learn from what went really well, but we’re also going to learn from what didn’t go well. And it’s that constant kind of, I guess, cadence of let’s look at the data, let’s talk about how can we optimize, and talk about how we can do something differently moving forward.

24:40If there is a way you get a technology that integrates directly into kind of their day-to-day workflow, that’s going to be the best. But, to your point, if you’re getting something that’s like, “Hey, you should really log in to this or you should start to look at this,” then you really need to make sure you’re enabling them and explaining to them the value of how this is going to help them get more revenue, or else it’s never going to work.

35:54 I think figuring out how to be as interactive and as energetic as possible is something key. As you’re thinking about your experiences or as you’re thinking about how you’re engaging with people digitally, is it a two-way conversation and how can you do that at scale? So, I would definitely say making sure that you are leaning into the how can you help and what are the insights and the takeaway versus just reading through a script. I would definitely say figuring out how you can kind of take these more digital broad-based experiences and make them more personalized.

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