Customer Marketing: How to Increase Customer LTV with Adrian Chang

In today’s episode, Jeff talks to Adrian Chang, a marketing leader with experience in customer marketing and performance marketing. Adrian offers his expert advice on how to persuade today’s consumers to make a purchase. He discusses customer marketing in-depth and how to assess the health of the sales-marketing relationship.

They tackle topics that include opportunities to change the incentive structure for marketers, the impact of not being a part of the customer journey, and prioritizing budgets in order to be present on the channels that matter most. Adrian also shares his insight on what organizations can do to successfully transition from multichannel to omnichannel marketing.

Tune in to learn more about Adrian’s strategies for aligning with his sales counterpart as a marketing leader.

Episode Highlights

11:02 Given where we are now, like as a marketing organization, we have to accept that the salesperson is often the first representation of your brand with us now slowly going back to live operations. As a marketer, I feel very, very invested in ensuring that the seller’s success represents my success.

17:54 As we look at our customer journey that we’ve architected, we found ways to follow the buyers who we market and to help them regardless of sourcing.

22:38 – You’ve got to figure out how do you allow your customers to advertise for you. And then once you start doing some of that, you’ve got to then figure out what are the other interactions that likely happen outside of your branded channels, where you can live and try to influence some of that discussion.

29:33You got to understand where your customers live and how they buy, and then figure out what’s the path they’re likely going to take in terms of doing their research and how do you make some of those decisions.

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